About Us

Our e-learning expertise since more than decade have culminated into one of the most user friendly Learning Management System (LMS) for knowledge sharing and tracking. Our core team have been striving to deliver this state-of-the art e-learning solutions to simplify the online teaching and learning on whole. We are committed to give the best of the technology and at the same time, Keep It Simple. We have been successfully providing customized e-learning solutions to Corporates as well as the educational organizations since 2001.

The built in auto tracking and monitoring system in our LMS along with concise MIS reports helps organizations to assess the candidates’ learning and have result oriented solutions. With our latest knowledge management solutions one can think of launching an online course within no time. This unique LMS coupled with cloud server hosting helps us offer white labelled solutions to big MNCs in sync with their brands. Our passion for simplifying education makes us think of new ideas all the time to make it a happening experience for all those connected with it, be it Teachers, Learners, Administrators and the Decision Makers.