What is Learning Management System or LMS ?

The system of a trainer visiting a company to give training to the employees and for the implementation of strategies is outdated. Learning Management System which involves providing online training is the way of life. It is basically an online learning software application. It is one of the best e-learning software which enables online training of employees.

This is one of the best solutions which enables training of employees, online education of students, organising different certification programs etc. This e-learning system is also useful in keeping a track of the progress report of employees and students and also helps the students and employees to get access to study materials and managing of the contents online at any time. This software is a cost effective and easy way of encouraging employees and students to do their best. The features of LMS are as follows:

Helpful Training

This software application is one of the best ways of formulating online training programmes for the employees of an organisation. It is also advantageous for students who have enrolled for distance education programmes and online training. It helps easy access through smartphone and tablets and there is no need to have a desktop or laptop.


Offers Certification

If offers certification for different online courses and training programmes which give the students and employees who are undergoing the online training the advantage of getting certification on successful completion of the online programme.

Tracking Report of Employees

It gives the administration the advantage of keeping a track on the progress report of their employees.


Easy Access at Any Time

The learner can easily access the contents anytime they want. Once the content is uploaded they can access the same. They need not wait for the CD’s or the DVD’s for the same.

Trouble-Free Management of Contents

Allows easy management of the online content. The content can be uploaded and reused with ease. This is definitely a cost effective tool which also gives the advantage of boosting the competencies of the employees,students and learners.