Advantages of E-Learning

Learning computers is not E-learning. In fact, it is just a part of E-learning. It is a way which involves using computers to learn just about anything. There are several advantages of online education. This is not time bound and learners can learn at their own pace and in their free time. It is cost effective and physical presence of the trainer is not required. Pre-recorded audios and videos are used for training purpose. Since it mainly involves learning at homeone does not have to spend time in travelling from one place to another as in the case of traditional classrooms.

E-learning gives the very important flexibility. The very fact that reputed educational institutions have introduced online education courses shows the growing importance of online education. The online programs have in-depth study materials for the different modules. Unlike traditional classrooms where students are made to listen to lectures and take down notes in a passive mode,giving them little time for practice and studying online education gives the learner advantage of grasping the concepts well and studying as per convenience. This makes it possible for working professionals or those who have personal constraints to continue their education or take up higher education by using the E-Learning method.

Thus, as we can see E-learning has several advantages as compared to the traditional ways of learning. Cost-effectiveness, flexibility,less time consumption, better opportunity to the learner to grasp the concepts,better interactions with the trainers etc are some of the primary reasons why E-learning is gaining in popularity.