Features - Online Learning Tools

Content Management system

Learning content management system does not involve manual creation and formatting of pages. No manual operations are needed for adding,editing or deletion of content. The template is picked up by the CMS and the generation of headers, footers, menus and blocks are done automatically and the required page is created easily in an automated manner.

Search tools

This is one of the best ways to going to the required content directly without wasting of time.It is a tool which helps one locates the required content.

Evaluation tools

With the help of these online learning tools, one can assess their performance automatically at any given time.This method involves a secure system of online examination prevents the use of large amount of paper which is of advantageous for the examiner. This method is also found to be fast and accurate and the it is possible to get the results instantaneously.

Tracking tools

These are useful both for the learner and the tutor. It is useful in better understanding of the entire learning pattern. It helps the learner in chalking out his or her learning schedule and also helps the learner plan the speed at which he wants to learn. It helps the trainer understand the progress of the learner and is also useful for the tutor to make changes in the process which will increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of the online learning courses.

Web conferencing tools

It gives the administration the advantage of keeping a track on the progress report of their employees.